• Platelets
    Though operational practices vary centre by centre, the routine use of INTERCEPT™ pathogen inactivation technology for platelets in Europe has demonstrated significant operational gains that translate into cost savings.
  • Plasma
    Although operational practices vary centre by centre, the routine use of the INTERCEPT™ Blood System for plasma has demonstrated significant operational gains that translate into savings.
  • Red Blood Cells
    When the INTERCEPT™ Blood System for red blood cells becomes available, blood centres will have a complete pathogen inactivation (PI) system that covers the three main labile blood components.

INTERCEPT provides cost saving opportunities at each step from donor to patient:

  • Donor screening: Reduce donor deferrals1
  • Blood collection: Optimise the collection mix (apheresis/buffy coat)
  • Component processing: Produce multiple therapeutic doses from a single INTERCEPT processing set
  • Infectious disease testing: Eliminate or avoid gamma irradiation, bacterial detection and cytomegalovirus (CMV) serology testing
  • Storage: Reduce platelet wastage by allowing early release and seven-day shelf life
  • Transfusion: Reduce acute transfusion reactions1,2

The INTERCEPT Blood System has been shown to offset costs through streamlined operations and provide significant clinical benefits via proactive reduction of transfusion-transmitted infections, at a minimal investment. In addition to product-related savings, the Cerus deployment team has been helping blood centres to successfully implement the INTERCEPT Blood System for over 10 years, enabling workflow optimisation that results in net savings. The Cerus deployment team offers expertise in blood banking operations to optimise product quality and maximise efficiency throughout the production process.


Areas of expertise include:

  • Apheresis collection
  • Whole blood processing
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Device qualification and validation
  • Workflow optimisation, laboratory planning
  • Product licensure support
1Notification by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) to German blood centres on deferring donors who travelled to endemic areas of WNV except if pathogen inactivation is in place.
2Sweeney J, & Miguel L, Platelet Transfusion Therapy (2013), AABB Press, Bethesda.