New publication confirms that the INTERCEPT™ Blood System for platelets did not adversely affect clinical outcomes for massively transfused patients

The INTERCEPT Blood System for platelets has demonstrated clinical efficacy for treating and preventing bleeding in clinical trials and in routine use.1

While many studies were performed in haematology/oncology patients, this study focused on the clinical efficacy during massive transfusion.

The retrospective cohort analysis concluded that the introduction of INTERCEPT-treated platelet concentrates did not adversely affect clinical outcomes in massively transfused patients in terms of blood product usage, in-hospital mortality and length of stay for a range of clinical indications for platelet transfusion support.

Results of the study were recently published in Vox Sanguinis - The Internal Journal of Transfusion Medicine.

Access the abstract and open access article.


1Nussbaumer, W., Amato, M., Schennach, H., Astl, M., Chen, C. Y., Lin, J.-S., Corash, L. and Benjamin, R. J. (2017), Patient outcomes and amotosalen/UVA-treated platelet utilization in massively transfused patients. Vox Sang, 112: 249–256. doi:10.1111/vox.12489