18th SVTM

Key Congress in Bern to Include Satellite Symposium INTERCEPTTM

Switzerland’s most important transfusion medicine congress, the SVTM (25 - 26 August 2016), will feature a satellite symposium showcasing the latest findings on blood safety and INTERCEPT™:

INTERCEPT: Protecting Blood Safety for More Than a Decade Time to Take the Next Steps in Plasma and Red Blood Cells

Date: 25 August

Time: 11:30 AM – 12:20 PM

Location: Kinderklinik Hörsaal 1, Auditorium Ettore Rossi

The lunchtime symposium will be moderated by Dr. Johannes Irsch, Senior Director Scientific Affairs for Cerus in Europe, and will explore new developments in plasma and red blood cells. Presenters will discuss blood transfusion for two types of patients: those with chronic anaemia, and those being treated in a crisis scenario. Here are details on the symposium speakers and their presentations:

Improving transfusion therapy in patients with chronic anaemia

Prof. Luca Pierelli, Università Sapienza – AO San Camillo Forlanini – Rome – Italy

Transfusion in crisis situations

Dr. Marine Chueca, Centre de Transfusion Sanguine des Armées – Clamart – France

Two abstracts on display at the congress will also zero in on the advantages of INTERCEPT; one focused on INTERCEPT and platelets, and the other on INTERCEPT and pathogen inactivation for whole blood in developing countries.

The participation of Cerus at the congress, as Gold sponsor and presenter of the satellite symposium, is part of a broader commitment to blood safety in Switzerland, and beyond. Through the INTERCEPT Blood System, the foremost pathogen inactivation technology in the world, Cerus is leading the way to higher standards for blood safety and better patient outcomes.

The INTERCEPT blood system for Red Blood Cells is in clinical development, not commercially available and has currently no regulatory approvals.


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